E Pluribus Unum
(Out Of Many One)

Common Ground

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American Tribe
Bush Wacker
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African Flag
American Tribe

Bush Whacker

To my Countrymen:

We have crossed oceans and climbed mountains together, come Y2K there are rivers to cross, and hills to climb. Together we CAN!

All For One
Bootheel Country Souls
Common Ground

There's a spirit that binds us,

An Eternal Light that guides

us. And our souls are

entwined one by one, And as

long as we believe, we must

endure, we will succeed. And

remember to remember,



One of these days we'll
understand, just who's on the

side of the working man.

Folks, this struggling is far

from over, the real test will

soon begin! That 'Ol Y2K

train is a coming, She's a

whistling around the bend! All

aboard you true believers

Natural Born

American's(NBA's) and

Countrymen. By working

together we can make it better,

Common sense, Common

goals and Common Ground.

Let's place our faith in God
we trust, And keep a

looking for Common Ground.

So brothers and sisters and

countrymen, listen to my

pledge. And all true believers,

just repeat after me.(Pledge of


Otherwise we'll all wind up

with a one-way ticket on a

hell- bound train, Everything

to lose and nothing to gain!

Dig right in with a bit of a grin,

and do what you gotta do.


Ballads Written by Cecil Williams
(A.K.A. Panhandle Slim)

Cecil Williams
Rolla, MO 65401

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