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Virtual Domain Hosting

What is a domain name?
A domain name is a unique name that identifies a web site. For example a RollaNet member with a web page, but not a virtual domain name, would have the following URL (web address) for their web page: (assuming fred is the RollaNet userid.) If the user obtained the virtual domain named, the address of his web page would appear as or, even though the web page is still stored on the RollaNet server. In this example the domain name is the same as the RollaNet userid; however, this is not required.

What does it cost, and what do you get?
RollaNet offers domain name hosting to its Organizational and Residential members only. This service is not available to Public accounts. Domain name hosting means that your web site is stored on the RollaNet server, but will display your domain name for the web page address instead of your userid. The fees for virtual domain name hosting are in addition to the membership contribution, and are not tax-deductible. There is no setup fee, but the fee for the first year must be paid in full when the domain is requested. At this time we do not offer the monthly payment option for virtual domain name hosting.

The following fees reflect new pricing and are effective as of May 8, 2000.

Organizational Domain Name Hosting [$100/yr.]
Residential Domain Name Hosting [$50/yr.]

After you have registered your domain name (see below), the following host names will be provided. Using as an example domain name (substitute your domain name for - mail domain - web server - ftp server

This means that if your current email address was you could also use the email address The URL for your website would be You will receive up to 20mb of storage space on our server to store your web pages.

How do you get your own domain at RollaNet?
Follow these steps to obtain your own domain name hosted by RollaNet:

  • Obtain a RollaNet Residential or Organizational account.

  • Obtain an Internet domain name from any DNS registrar. You are responsible for applying for your domain name and for all fees associated with the registration process and renewals. RollaNet will not be involved in that process. You will need to supply the following information on your application:
    Primary Name Server
    Secondary Name Server
    If they ask for additional name servers, you can specify ns3 and ns4 as well. Technical contact: Uetrecht, Dan
    Admin and billing contact : Your name and email address

  • Contact RollaNet via email to with the following information: RollaNet userid, your new domain name, email address of contact person, if different from your RollaNet email address.

  • Send payment for virtual domain service and the domain will be activated.

    For more information, CNET has an excellent article on this subject titled How to Get Your Own Domain Name.

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