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Spam Policy

"Spam" is internet jargon for any unrequested, mass emailing or off-topic Usenet posting of irrelevant or inappropriate messages, whether for advertising, marketing, political canvassing or any other reason.

Unsolicited email and Usenet postings can be very frustrating and annoying to the recipient. Not only does it take time to download the unwanted materials, but it consumes space on our hard drives and costs us money to receive.

When a RollaNet customer performs one of these abusive activities, RollaNet pays a price as well. If the domain "" appears anywhere in the email headers, we will get complaints. The complaints that we receive cost the RollaNet volunteers valuable time that could be much better served doing other tasks here. In some instances, angry Internet users have been known to "mail bomb" ISPs by setting up programs to send so much email that the ISP's mail server crashes, denying email access to every customer of the ISP. Therefore out of concern for the service which we provide our users, the following "spam" policy is effective immediately.

Sending "spam" from a RollaNet account is strictly forbidden and will result in the immediate, non-refundable cancellation of the sender's account, with no exceptions.

If you have any questions about this policy, please send email to

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