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Contribution options

Electronic transfer of funds monthly - This option is encouraged and provides the most flexibility for spreading out payments of your contributions. Ask for a Debit Authorization Form to fill out when you get your application. This option is currently available only for monthly dial-up contributions.

Check or money order annually - Checks must be made payable to RollaNet for the amount due through November 30. We will email a payment reminder in November of each year, at which time the full annual amount will be due for the upcoming year, which starts each December 1 and ends each November 30 of the following year. Please see the application for the amount due the first year. Important Note: Read the Refund policy below if you choose this option!

Credit card - Sorry, we don't accept credit cards at this time.

Refund Policy

As a non-profit organization, RollaNet can not refund your donation. If you make an annual contribution (which entitles you to dial-in to the preferred modem pool), and for some reason you cancel your account (moved or switched to a commercial Internet Service Provider) your donation will not be refunded. If this is a concern for you, please arrange to make your contributions monthly by debit from your checking account. You can then choose to stop contributing any time you want.

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