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The RollaNet Project

This document was established in early 1995 as a planning document. It is presented here for historical purposes.


RollaNet is a non-profit organization, incorporated September 1994. The purpose of RollaNet is to bring online Community Information System services to the greater Rolla area. In accordance with the National Information Infrastructure initiative, RollaNet plans to establish equitible access to community information and the global information highway for all community citizens, businesses, government agencies, schools, libraries, civic organizations. Public and private funding will be used to sustain this online civic service.

All activities and initiatives of RollaNet will be accomplished jointly with members of the greater Rolla area community participating as information providers, volunteer service providers, and steering committees.

RollaNet will sponsor "GRAPEVINE: Greater Rolla Area PEople's VIrtual NEighborhood," an online information service. Online services will include electronic mail, discussion forums, and the capability for community information providers to publish multimedia information resources. Members of the community will be able to send and read electronic mail, participate in local discussion forums and browse the online information from their residences, businesses, or anywhere they can get to a computer-modem-telephone line. Access to the Internet and what will become the "information superhighway" is also part of the services provided by RollaNet.

The community is roughly defined by a 30-mile radius of Rolla. Physical network and computing resources will be located in Rolla. Access to GRAPEVINE will be initially through a telephone-modem-computer dial-up connection employing client/server software. Working documents on RollaNet project phases, planned services, technical requirements for access, server system/software specifications, projected funding needs are found below.

  • RollaNet: Start-Up Plan - Project Phases
  • RollaNet: Committees
  • RollaNet: General Meetings

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